Our working partnership with Smiths has been fifteen years or more. Over that time strong yet flexible marketing campaigns have been developed, with latterly our efforts being focusing on the use of the web. 
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Corporate Identity

This is now a well established corporate identity, for Smiths of Bletchington. First designed in the mid 1990s this corporate identity has become
the mainstay for all the new and modern marketing material required for the 21st century. Its versatility can be seen from the web site to the 'green lorries'
regularly driving around the roads of the south midlands and all points in-between.

Product Leaflets

A series of product leaflets have been designed for printing and for uploading onto the website.


A range of 'supporting' adverts has been created to suit the various advertising markets. Each headlining a particular product or service and available in mono and colour. During the second half of 2012 and scheduled for 2013 a more product specific advertising campaign has been designed to promote the new source of Cotswold dry stone walling. The adverts, which are designed to suit the readership of the chosen publication are accompanied by editorial, written by TCG and online advertising and e-shots.
We have worked closely with the selected publications to get Smiths the best possible exposure.


This website has just had a major overhaul. Keeping to the strong graphic appeal, the site has been rebuilt and upgraded, with the valuable input from our SOE experts, to engage all modern web marketing tools. The multi-paged Smiths site now functions effectively on all accounts and gives excellent information and ease of navigation to the visitor. The new MODX system also allows easy access to the client for those simple yet important alterations.