Like a lot of our clients Lansdowne Chemicals Group of Companies have been a loyal client for a long time. TCG continue to develop fresh marketing campaigns which keeps Lansdowne high in the mind of their customers. Click the arrow below to see a few samples.

Lansdowne Aromatics - advertising in the USA


Part of a series of full page adverts for mainly USA based specialist chemical publications, with limited worldwide distribution.
Emphasising the increasing logistics of Lansdowne.

Lansdowne Personal Care

LANSDOWNE - Personal Care

Lansdowne Pesronal Care first venture into the exhibition market. A simple 3m x3m stand had individual panels design and printed to give a overall affect of a clean and sophisicated company. The use of a largely white background and the eye catching corporate colour helped achieve the right result.

Corporate 'Album'

The brief was to design a strong and sophisicated marketing piece to represented all sides of the Lansdowne business. It had to work alone as well as a hand delivered marketing tool, as well as conveying ethos of the worldwide growth of Lansdowne Plc. The resulting 'album' design (based on the old LP covers), contained corporate and the Lansdowne divisions information via a brochure, while a folder would contain in-house produced products lists on special design letterheads. The finished 'album' resulted in a something the Lansdowne people were proud to present as it represents all of Lansdowne’s capabilities.

Lansdowne corporate brochure

Corporate 'Album' Brochure

This is the brochure part of the whole corporate album concept. Featuring both the corporate and working divisions of the Lansdowne group.